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The Key Differences Between Drugstore and Professional Teeth Whitening

Bright, white teeth are a sign of health and youth. Teeth naturally darken due to age and lifestyle choices. The good news is that people can transform their dingy, yellowed teeth with whitening products. When it comes to teeth whitening in the vail valley, people can choose between purchasing a drugstore kit or undergoing a professional treatment. Understanding the key differences between these types of treatments will make it easier to choose the right one for your smile.

Strength and Effectiveness

Both drugstore and clinical whitening products use similar ingredients, most commonly a hydrogen peroxide solution. They are both designed to give users visible results in a certain amount of time. However, the strength and effectiveness of both types of treatments are very different. Drugstore products have a very low concentration of the key ingredients. This makes them safe for home use. On other hand, the whitening solution used by most family dentistry services is much stronger. While drugstore products can whiten teeth by just a few shades, the solution used by a dentist can make teeth up to 10 times whiter after a single treatment.

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Length of Treatment

The amount of time it takes to complete a whitening procedure depends on the type of treatment that is used. Most drugstore products need to be used for several days in a row in order to see the best results. If a person forgets to use the product for a day, it may cause their end result to be less noticeable. Professional whitening treatments, however, are usually completed in a single office visit. Most patients can walk away with a brighter smile in a little over an hour.

Cost of Treatment

One of the main allures of drugstore whitening products is their low price. These kits are mass produced, and they are usually very affordable to consumers. Whitening treatment from a dentist cost considerably more. They are not covered by insurance because they are an elective treatment. However, it is important to note that drugstore treatments usually need to be repeated more frequently, so the cost may add up over time.

Anyone who yearns for a whiter smile can choose to either purchase a drugstore whitening kit or have their teeth treated in a dental clinic. Professional treatments are stronger and take less time to complete, while drugstore kits are often more affordable.



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